About Us

Minimal understated aesthetic jewelry celebrating
individuality & many moments lived.

ORANDA embodies an understated elegance, andoring women and men for their many moments lived with thoughtful designed jewelry from effortless classic to bold statements.

Redefining what modern luxury means to us. We’re expanding our horizons and thinking differently about what modern luxury means to us. It means personalization and inclusivity. It means wearing fine jewelry as a symbol of your values. It means empowering you to define and design symbols of truth on your own terms. It means be true to who she/he is, was, and always will be.

It came about when two like-minded individuals, Vincent and Jolvyn, both are always into understated yet effortless style. Which inspired the duo to make a changes, while demonstrate the values that they hold true everyday. With a mission to do things differently, V&J focused the design on timeless details  over trends. Allowing each piece to hold a deeper meaning for those who wear it. Through intention, the duo hope to inspire a mindful and purposeful way of seeing, thinking, living and dressing.

For us, our jewelry is much more than an accessory. It's a vessel that holds meaning and memories, designed to be worn as a symbol of your values. From the way your favorite necklace lays on your chest to how your engagement ring sits on your hand, we care about every last detail — because we know you do too. #MADEFORYOU

We started our in-house jewelry atelier to produce most our pieces, and also partnered with responsible local manufacturers so we can be right there in the action while ensuring transparent and ethical labor practices every step of the way. This close relationship allows us to give you full trace-ability – from materials, to production to delivery. 
We enjoy collaborations. Photographers, stylists, influencers, business owners, etc are all welcomed —
tell us what you have in mind below or email to info@orandajewelry.com