Jewelry Essentials & Precious Ware;
mix of classic design and contemporary details.
Individually crafted by the artisans.


Oranda was first founded in 2016 by Malaysian curator-designer, Vincent Chia. In the latter years leading up to his undergraduate studies in Graphic Design, he had never imagined himself as a maker of jewelry. However—through the experience of working with his father in the goldsmith industry—he slowly assimilated his growing love for design with the inherited generational knowledge in metalsmith work, which he picked up from his father. He begun this journey of craftsmanship in a humble town within Kelantan state in Malaysia—together with Co-Founder, Jolvyn Chong. Together, they have designed, experimented and created a  jewelry line — Personalised Jewelry Essential & Precious Ware. Simple yet aesthetic and long lasting is the design philosophy of Oranda's brand values.


Oranda believe that jewelry should be a more personalised accessory that is not only close to us physically but a symbolic piece that reflects who we are, in more ways than just our cultural and religious background. We believe that authentic self-expression is the best impression. Hence, we wanted to create a platform where users could feel free to express their real selves and use their sincere emotions as a form of artistic inspiration. A place where their inner thoughts could be realised into a physical piece for outward expression. This inspired the birth and creation of Oranda’s minimalistic expressionist jewelry designs.

Oranda centers around creating high quality artisan-handcrafted jewelries that explore themes of non-disruptive modern minimalism and modest self-expression . For every personalised piece created, we hope that it could serve a purpose of sharing—emotions, memories, stories, knowledge or just a little piece of the life of its maker. We strives to make an easy and fun experience for its users to personalize pieces that they love to wear, into an intimate and meaningful piece that’s close to their heart. All of that, without needing to bear recklessly high costs of customising distinct jewelry pieces, made especially for you.


At Oranda, we embrace and practice the tradition of meticulous artisan craftsmanship. Oranda values the handcrafting process and an eye for detail in every piece. Therefore every Oranda piece is crafted by skilled hands and produced exclusively—resulting in a unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry made just for you. The metalsmithing atelier is the place of origin of all our inspiration and ideas. Throughout our smithing journey, we are always experimenting with new ways on how we can work with our metals. While our designs are not dictated by trends, every crafted piece draws its inspiration from elements that emotionally moves people. With a multidisciplinary approach, Oranda believes in an environment of experimentation and collaboration. Through this process, Oranda has adapted traditional jewelry craftsmanship with modern designs theories to develop timelessly classic pieces.
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